• Les Aventures de Tony Foster

    Les éditions J'ai lu publieront, à partir du mois d'août, cette nouvelle série de Tanya Huff.

    Il s'agit d'une série dérivée des aventures de Vikkie Nelson, tournant autour du personnage de Tony. Cette série se compose en VO de trois tomes :

    1 Smoke and shadows

    Tony, a former street kid-turned-producer, is behind a new TV series about a vampire detective. But what is real and what is fantasy? The answers are to be found in a wizard who's come to Earth from another dangerous dimension...and he's been followed.














    2 smoke and mirrors

    Tony and the cast and staff of Darkest Night, a syndicated TV series about a vampire detective, find themselves shooting an episode in an actual haunted house.

    3 Smoke and Ashes

    Fledgling wizard Tony is now an assistant director on "Darkest Night," the syndicated TV series about a vampire detective. But it's hard to concentrate on the latest episode when a Demonic Convergence is allowing lesser demons entry to our world, and the sexy stuntwoman, Leah, is also an immortal Demongate whose death would open the way to unimaginable peril. Can Tony halt the Convergence, keep Leah alive, and still have a career? Or will his artistic ambitions-not to mention the rest of the world-go up in smoke?

    Le second tome paraîtra en français en  octobre 2012.

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